Corporate wellness

LetsBe provides company-focused solutions and personalised services that boosts employee well-being and business growth in Mauritius. LetsBe gives organisations across the country unique and individualised offerings to their staff to enhance workforce productivity through wellness plans, innovative health technology, creating shared value with communities, and qualified health professional consultants.
We aim to empower and educate companies, empower and guide CEOs, and empower and support employees.

Caval Be Smartwatch

LetsBe’s Caval Be Smartwatch brings all our offerings together towards a philosophy of support and community. This innovative health tool will get you moving and motivated at work and home, with the support and expertise of our qualified health professional consultants.

Create an impact

You can make a difference with movement by achieving Calpoints, and in turn, give back by benefiting collaborative non-governmental organisations and their projects.

Let’s do it

Achieve prizes for walking

Whenever you accomplish a goal that you’ve set with LetsBe, you can choose to reward yourself with a surprise gift from us.

Variety of expert consultants waiting to support you

You can engage individually with our professional, licensed, and experienced experts who will provide a safe space and personalised advice to help adapt to changing realities and environments.

  • 30 minutes per session

  • Safe space to communicate

  • Protection of client confidentiality and privacy is ensured

  • Flexible schedule

  • Communicate your way

  • Sessions tailored around you

“LetsBe’s tailored and unique solutions offer empowering health technology and wellness services designed to support companies in their strategies and boost work performance, while at the same time, provide a safe, nurturing and engaging place for employees to share, confide, and create positive impact for local communities.”

– Jayraj Lutchmun, Founder of LetsBe