LetsBe smart and make a difference together

LetsBe is a social-impact focused platform that empowers members to be healthier and mindful. We engage with corporate companies and organisations and its employees to create individually tailored health and well-being solutions to adapt to changing realities and environments.

LetsBe’s Mission

We seek to offer a customised system to boost employee health and wellness, while aiming to empower companies top-down to reach their true potential. We believe that you are more likely to reach your goals if you are happy, motivated, and creating an impact.

LetsBe’s Vision

We aim to build a safe space for people like you, where you can share all your worries and stress, and leave feeling healthier, inspired and confident.
We have created a space for members through customised and inspiring offerings to help achieve company and workforce strategies and goals.

LetsBe’s Values

Personalised experience

How it all began

“LetsBe is based in Camp-Caval in Mauritius – a place that’s very close to my heart as it’s where I was born and spent most of my adulthood.
This area is where an extinct volcano lies, a local landmark where I used to run, walk and spend time together with my best friend.
The volcano gave us something so much more – and inspired our long talks – from good and bad moments, our aspirations, our lives. My best friend and I supported each other, a constant feeling of belonging, loyalty and empowerment. Then my best friend’s wife joined us - who added to our dynamic. Another vision, another friend, and many more topics of discussion.
So, this is what I’m bringing to you. That trusted space where you can feel free to talk about yourself with friendly professionals. It’s a support network for your physical health, nutrition, well-being, and even performance at work.
Your body and mind is as individual as you. Likewise, your thoughts and worries are not the same as anyone else’s. Because your thoughts and worries are different, we give you LetsBe. A customised and personal service based on you – supported by professional people whose sole focus is getting to know you and your needs.”

Jayraj Lutchmun

Founder of LetsBe

Jayraj visualizes a world of balance and wants to create this feeling of a trusted space where you can feel free and open to talk about yourself with friendly professionals, which encapsulates what LetsBe is all about: a support network for health, nutrition, well-being, and performance at work.


LetsBe offers its solutions and services to companies and organisations, however big or small the employee headcount is.
Employees are encouraged to take part in their company’s collaboration with LetsBe to help them reach their health, wellness and fitness goals. The company will inform employees about how to subscribe and what is involved.
LetsBe offers a Blue, Silver, Gold and Executive membership, catering for a range of budgets and needs.
For a package that suits your company and employee’s needs, contact our sales teams for more information on a customized package.
Take a look at the easy-to-follow user manual below:
Once you achieve your personal goal, the NGO of your choice will receive a donation. LetsBe will provide proof of the transaction.
LetsBe takes company and employee privacy and confidentiality very seriously. Anything shared with our experts is strictly confidential, safe and private with no data access from LetsBe. For more information, take a look at the LetsBe Privacy Policy
Contact us to find out more.