Get rewarded for your progress

Data collected by your Caval Be Smartwatch will be converted into step points – ‘Calpoints’. Once you’ve reached your goals, you can use these points to receive a gift and support a vulnerable child.

Give back with Letsbe

Step it up:
You can set your own step goals each month. As well as stepping into a healthier and fitter lifestyle and well-being, the more steps taken, the more positive impact for vulnerable people in Mauritius.

Give back:
More steps equals more impact. Your steps measured by the Caval Be Smartwatch will be converted into ‘Calpoints’. These points can be used as a gift reward for users, and to also support a LetsBe backed non-governmental organisation (NGO).

Choose your NGO:
You can choose independently what NGO you want to support. Once a goal is accomplished, the selected NGO will receive a donation, and LetsBe will provide the proof of transaction.

Your health and their health

What Can I do to Help?

- Subscribe to LetsBe
- Set and place your goals
- Find the work-life integration and accomplish different goals
- Receive Calpoints according to the goals achieved
- Use Calpoints to donate to an NGO

How Will I Know It’s Legit?

Once you accomplish a goal, the NGO of your choice will receive a donation. We will show you the proof of the transaction.

How does it work?

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO)

SOS Children’s Villages International supports vulnerable children, young people and families in 136 countries and territories. It’s care solutions include alternative care, after care, family strengthening, advocacy and partnership for quality care.

It focuses on helping youngster who have lost parents or carers; those at risk of abandonment; and children whose basic rights are not fulfilled.

Not-for-profit organisation Gender Links SHHH has been a refuge since 2017 for residents, such as homeless people, abused children, domestic violence victims, and teenage mothers affected by physical, sexual, emotional violence and economic hardship.